Grace Overflows Welcomes Two New Contributors

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17

I’m very excited about welcoming two very good friends and brothers of mine to this journey at Grace Overflows, Jake Warner and Christian Gannon.

Each of them bring an interesting perspective to the table and I’m sure that their writing will be a blessing to those of you who get a chance to read it.

Christian works in investments and wealth management which enables him to bring a very unique perspective to our team.  But, just because of his background, don’t think he’s all about how to biblically handle your money.  While that’s an important area to him, Christian’s heart is to help others connect with and find their peace in God in all areas of their life.  For Christian it’s all about the journey and learning from each other as we go.  His focus is “…to share with anybody who will join me, the journey to finding unity with and undying faith in God”.

Jake is a lawyer and theologian, (who knew the two could mix!).  I have cherished the conversations that he and I have had and I am truly excited that many of you will get the opportunity to hear his heart.  Jake has a gift for taking deep concepts about God and bringing them to a level that the rest of us can understand.  Jake’s passion for the Lord and his heart for fellow believers is evident from your first conversation with him.

Again, I’m very excited that these two gentleman will be joining me and sharing their thoughts and insights with you.  My prayer, and our prayer collectively, is that you will be encouraged and strengthened by what you read.  I know that sounds cliche but that truly is our hearts’ desire, to allow God to use us to help others along the race of life.

So, keep an eye out for these guys!  God’s moving and it’s exciting to be along for the ride.

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