Know Christ, Know God

“He is the radiance of the glory of God, and the exact imprint of his nature…” -Hebrews 1:3 Too often we forget the triune nature of God. We tend to separate out the Father from the Son from the Holy Spirit in a way that is unbiblical at best. We’re tempted to think that the … Continue reading Know Christ, Know God

Monthly Q&A: December 2020

Q: The Bible says that the sexually immoral will not enter heaven. What is sexual immorality? I’m scared that I’ve committed it. Also, why do some say pornography sends you to hell? A: Thank you for your question.  Sexual immorality can be generally defined as anything outside of the commandments God has for sexual activity.  … Continue reading Monthly Q&A: December 2020


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Dr. Tilghman is a professor and author in the areas of education, theology, and leadership. His leadership experience ranges from government and public safety agencies to public and private educational institutions.

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