Grace for Today | Leading Teams Series This is Part 1 of a 5 Part series on building and leading effective teams. In this episode Dr. Tilghman discusses things to consider when beginning to build your teams and how to lay the foundation for a “winning team.” Visit Dr. Tilghman online at You can learn more about Carolina College of … Continue reading Grace for Today | Leading Teams Series

Monthly Q&A: May 2022

Q: Do kind, loving, law abiding, gentle, genuine Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists deserve eternal punishment in hell after dying on Earth, for not believing in the existence of the Christianity trinity God? Supplementary question: Does a Christian who brutally raped and murdered a woman, then a week later fully repented to God and accepted Jesus … Continue reading Monthly Q&A: May 2022


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About Me

Dr. Tilghman is a professor and author in the areas of education, theology, and leadership. His leadership experience ranges from government and public safety agencies to public and private educational institutions.

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