Monthly Q&A: August 2022

Q: The Bible says the drunkards and by extension drug users will not enter heaven. But what about those who are not again Christian and say are given string pain killers by a doctor…which they get addicted too and cannot get off. What about those born again Christian will they enter heaven ? Can a … Continue reading Monthly Q&A: August 2022

Monthly Q&A: July 2022

Q: What should I do if I desire God for the wrong reasons? To provide some context, I am in counseling for pornography addiction. I’ve been clean for almost 4 months now. However, I’ve been struggling with doubt and I don’t think I am a true Christian. I desire God because I want to be … Continue reading Monthly Q&A: July 2022

Monthly Q&A: June 2022

Q: How can I permanently remove bitterness from my heart for person who hurt me emotionally? A: Forgiveness can be difficult. It isn’t something that comes naturally to us as humans. It can be especially difficult if the hurt was deep. As Christians, it is our responsibility to forgive others and to have a forgiving … Continue reading Monthly Q&A: June 2022


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Dr. Tilghman is a professor and author in the areas of education, theology, and leadership. His leadership experience ranges from government and public safety agencies to public and private educational institutions.

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