Leading Effective Teams: Managing Group Dynamics & Conflict

Teams are established when two or more people are working together to achieve a common goal. When two or more human beings are working together, conflict is inevitable. Therefore, conflict is inevitable when working in teams. In fact, conflict is often the primary problem or issue that teams deal with. Teams are made up of […]

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Leading Effective Teams: Leading the Team

Last week we looked at principles for building teams.  Once the team has been established, the work of leading the team begins. Leading the team involves everything necessary to move the team forward toward the completion of its objective or its raison d’etre. Just as noted above in the discussion concerning building the team, prayer […]

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Leading Effective Teams: Building the Team

Team work is essential in most every area of life. In fact, from the very beginning of creation God intended for us to work in teams (Gen. 2:18, ESV). In other words, human beings were designed and wired for teamwork. One is able to identify very few areas of life, public or private, in which […]

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