Justin Tilghman (MTS, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD, Columbia International University) is an author and Bible college professor in eastern North Carolina. He serves as a Dean in the NC Community College system, a Professor of Theology at Carolina College of Biblical Studies, and on the board of directors for Hope Preparatory School. He also teaches courses on Bible interpretation, biblical studies, leadership, evangelism, and world missions in churches around the area. His written work has been featured on Blogos, GotQuestions.org, and Rooted Ministry.

He is a member of, or supports, several organizations focused on education, leadership, theology, and philosophy including the Association for the Study of Higher Education, the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the Lowrie Center for Christian School Education.

His heart for the Lord and love for people is evident from the moment you meet him.  He has spent the past several years leading worship and occasionally speaking for youth retreats, conferences, colleges, churches, and international missions teams.

His desire is to help others learn how to better love God and love others with every aspect of theirs lives by helping and challenging them to dive deeper into a practical relationship with Jesus through personal devotion, thoughtful reflection, and theological education.

He lives in Eastern North Carolina with his wife, Ellen, and their son, John William.